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Charleston Workplace Injury Lawyers

West Virginia Workplace Injury Claim Process

Employees in West Virginia are entitled to workers’ compensation for injuries that arise due to employment or during employment. Workers’ compensation prevents an employer from being sued if a worker is hurt on the job. However, just because workers’ compensation is available does not mean this is the only recourse for workers. Workplace injury claims can be brought when the person responsible for the injury is not an employer or a coworker.

Below are some steps to take after a workplace injury to set up a case for success:

  • Immediately notify a manager or supervisor about the injury and how it occurred
  • Receive medical attention to document all injuries
  • Ask for the information of any witnesses to the workplace accident
  • Document with images the details of the accident and all injuries
  • Take notes about what happened
  • Call a personal injury attorney with experience in workplace accidents

From this information and additional legal discovery, a dedicated and seasoned legal team can establish the legal options available. Since the rules surrounding workplace injuries can be complex, it is important to collaborate with an advocate that has your best interests in mind.

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What Does Deliberate Intent Mean?

While an employee may be prohibited from suing their employer under the terms of workers’ compensation, there is an exception when deliberate intent is established. Deliberate intent means that it can be proven that an employer intended to harm a worker or that the employer held a callous disregard for the health and safety of their employees. When either of these elements is present, additional damages can be recovered from an employer whose workplace conditions resulted in an accident. Along with workers’ compensation, the injured employee can bring a workplace injury claim.

Successfully Secured Over $20 Million for the Injured

Hardy Pence PLLC is dedicated to aggressively standing up for the legal rights of the injured. We have successfully secured over $20 million in personal injury settlements on behalf of our clients. As we strive for maximum damages, we understand the value of financial stability as you recover from a workplace accident. With over 115 years of combined experience, we understand how claims are handled by insurance companies and how to maximize benefits to help you or a loved one receive quality medical care.

For many people across West Virginia, suffering an injury on the job can be stressful. Not only is getting injured an inconvenience, but medical bills and lost wages bring additional stressors to prevent a full recovery. To top it off, missing a paycheck due to an injury could plunge an entire family into financial uncertainty.

When you work with Hardy Pence PLLC, we know whose team we are on. We are primarily concerned with advocating for our clients and their unique needs. Our Charleston workplace injury attorneys tirelessly devise legal plans to achieve the best possible outcome for an injured victim.

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