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Divorce and Your Children’s College Funding

Figuring out your divorce is one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through. Not only do you have to consider your and your children’s immediate needs, but you also have to plan for needs that are still years away. For example, college funding—the cost of college has risen far more quickly than pay levels […]

Dealing With the Holidays After a Divorce

The aftermath of a divorce is incredibly painful, and it’s even harder during the holidays. If this is your first holiday season since getting divorced, you may be wondering how you can navigate this time with minimal stress and sadness. Although this will likely still be a hard time of year, with a little bit […]

Can an IRA Be Cashed Out During a Divorce?

You’ll have to make a long list of difficult decisions as you navigate your divorce. A big part of this discussion centers on the division of assets. Retirement assets are often among the most challenging to split, thanks to the immense value they have. Retirement funds have years or even decades left to grow, so […]

Adopted Children Might Need Extra Support During Divorce

If you’re facing divorce and trying to figure out what’s best for your children, it’s important to think about the specific needs of each child. When you and your spouse share an adopted child, it’s likely that your child will struggle quite a bit throughout this process. The loss that comes with adoption can often […]

Taking Control of Your Finances After a Divorce

Divorce is a major life event that can derail every aspect of your life while you get it sorted out. Your finances will likely take a significant hit while you work through your split, but that’s temporary. By planning ahead and being honest about your finances, you can take control of your financial situation and […]

Navigating the Transfer of Real Estate During a High Asset Divorce

Real estate transfers are a crucial component in many divorces, and they often play an even bigger role in high-asset divorces. High-asset couples often own multiple pieces of property, with some serving as family or vacation homes and others serving as income streams. For this reason, it’s common for the division of assets to be […]

How Prenuptial Agreements Protect Children in a Second Marriage

Getting a second chance at true love is exhilarating. However, second marriages also bring a variety of complex financial situations and different family dynamics. When both parties have established themselves in their careers and acquired assets from their previous marriages, it can be difficult to figure out how to protect those assets should something happen. […]

Pet Custody Battles in a Divorce

Whether your family pet is a dog, cat, or a more unique animal, you consider them family. Getting a pet is a lifelong commitment, even when you face challenges like moving, changing career paths, adding to the family, or divorcing. Unfortunately, disputes over pet ownership can make the already difficult divorce process even harder on […]

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights During High Asset Divorces

When you get divorced, some assets are easier to divide than others. While retirement funds, bank accounts, and vehicles are relatively easy to split, those with unclear financial value are much more complex. Enter intellectual property: it is incredibly valuable in the right hands, but valuation is a complicated process. If you own intellectual property […]